Yard Pro Calendar


  • Watch rye grass, starting to grow really fast.

  • Watch for fungus (fertilizer makes brown patch spread) due to
    cool nights warm days, easy on the fertilizer. (14-14-14)

  • Watch for weeds in grass, grass is starting to come out of dormant stage.
    (lots of weed growth)

  • Trimming and pruning of all plants and trees before new growth occurs.

  • After the last cold front trim out dead and damaged branches from plants.

  • March is also a good time to fertilize all plants to promote healthy spring growth.

  • Be careful not to plant spring flowers too early due to late cold fronts and frosts
    best time to plant is first week of April.


  • Changing out winter color to new summer flowers.
    (March 24 - end of May)

  • All the rye grass staring to burn out due to hotter weather.
    (April - June)

  • Brown patch due to cool nights